Tanya Beresford, Campus Manager at Johnson Gardens

There are many inspiring Women in Hatton Garden and this International Womens Day, we got the chance to speak to Tanya Beresford, Campus Manager at Johnson Gardens about how she got to where she is in her career.

What is your name and what do you do?
Tanya Beresford, Campus Manager at Johnson Gardens, Farringdon.

Tell us about your job, what does your day-to-day look like?
I manage all services associated with the running of Johnson Gardens, a campus/collective of 4 properties and a Courtyard in the heart of Hatton Garden. The campus predominantly consists of commercial office space, with an in house coffee shop, Courtyard and amenities. My role entails managing all hard and soft services and operations from M&E and contracts, to service charge, health & safety, occupier liaison, staffing, and the campus events programme.

Tell us about Johnson Gardens.
Johnson Gardens is Farringdon’s Award Winning Office Campus, a beautifully-designed campus complete with outdoor space, which works around your business, whether you’re a start-up or global brand. With space available from 4,000 sq ft and 95,000 sq ft.

How did you first start working in property management?
After graduating from Durham University, I had planned to travel the world and took a role in a leisure centre, which I intended to do short term before I set off. However I did well in the role and quickly got promoted twice to Duty Manager, which is where I discovered my passion for facilities management. The role was so varied and entailed managing the property as well as the internal operations - the rest as they say is history! I’ve worked specifically in the property sector for 8 years, and worked in management for 11.

What would you say are the key skills needed to be successful in your line of work?
The nature of facilities management means that no two days are the same; you need to be proficient in several areas from service charge management to mechanical and electrical knowledge, being personable and decisive and also able to think on your feet. A major part of the role is problem solving, so keeping calm under pressure is key so you can lead and direct your team and service partners as required to reach a common goal. You need to be extremely organised, as you will always have several projects in progress; you will have several plates spinning at one time.You also need to be prepared to muck in and get your hands dirty, I lead from the front – so it’s important to work alongside your teams to set the example. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and the FM is the glue that keeps it all together.

What is your favourite thing about your job?
I love the variety of the role, your day could literally entail managing financial queries and contracts one moment, and then planning and innovating new ideas or rolling out new processes to make things more efficient, to being on a construction site for a project. I also love the variety of people and that you come across working in Facilities Management; all with a different speciality, so you can always learn something new, whether it be an innovative energy initiative or new system. There is always something new to learn, the way that buildings are utilised has changed since the pandemic so it is important to look at the offering holistically, property is much more than “just” office space now.

What advice would you give to women in your industry/wanting to get in your industry?
There are some fantastic women in Facilities Management, but there could be more of us! For women wanting to get into the industry, I would suggest that they get around people who know the industry and find a mentor or someone that is where they aspire to be so that they are able to learn. Asking questions is key, and being open to guidance so that you can broaden your horizons. You should also have a goal of where you want to be and work towards it consistently. Finally, be kind to everyone you meet! Property is a very small world, and it pays to have great contacts you can rely upon – particularly if urgent items pop up unexpectedly.
What’s your favourite thing about Hatton Garden/the area where you work?
Hatton Garden, like the surrounding area is vibrant, varied and there’s always something new to discover – whether you are looking for a Michelin star restaurant or great independent street food vendor – Hatton Garden has something for everyone, it’s all part of its charm.

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