The constant hustle and bustle of Hatton Garden can make it a difficult place to keep up to date with. Browse through our featured blogs to hear the latest news, learn about the area and stay in the know about our favourite Hatton Garden haunts.
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Will Prince Harry buck another trend?
The world’s media flocks to Windsor this weekend for the marriage of His Royal Highness Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. And as royal wedding fever grows, no aspect of the big day is free from speculation. Will Meghan choose Erdem? Are the Spice Girls rumours true? Will Harry wear a ring?   Look at the left hand of many married, male members of the royal family and you’ll find... Read more
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Top 10 Diamond Cuts
IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SHAPES Choosing the perfect engagement ring is one thing; choosing the perfect diamond shape is quite another. Diamonds can be cut and polished into a plethora of shapes, anything from the classic round brilliant to Christmas trees and even horse heads! Emily Dixon, Hatton Garden jeweller and gemmologist at Hearts of London, outlines the top ten diamond cuts to help... Read more
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Where To Eat and Drink in Hatton Garden
A Quick Coffee and Cake Department of Coffee and Social Affairs The Londonist calls it a ‘labour of love’, we call it top quality coffee and a cosy place to hangout. Each coffee is handpicked to the highest standards by an upbeat and knowledgeable team. As their flagship store, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs on Leather Lane opened in 2010, kitted out with simple stylish... Read more
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A Brief History of Hatton Garden Jewellers
A ROYAL HISTORY Hatton Garden has royal roots stretching back to the area’s namesake, Sir Christopher Hatton, who in 1581 was gifted the property of Ely Place by Elizabeth I. Sir Christopher Hatton was a politician and close advisor to the Queen who gained recognition from his knighthood and appointment as Lord Chancellor. The gifted property featured a beautiful garden that, eventually,... Read more
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What to Expect When Visiting Hatton Garden
The Diamond District At the centre of London’s jewellery and diamond business is Hatton Garden, and with London being among the world’s diamond capitals, the area receives global accolade. Around one in three UK engagements stem from a visit to Hatton Garden to purchase the ring, with merchants, craftsmen, and gemologists renowned as amongst the best in the world. The Garden,... Read more
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