Matt Jerome, PR and Communications Apprentice at Flint Culture

What is your name and how old are you? 
Matt Jerome, 23

Where do you work and can you summarise what your role is? 
I work at Flint Culture as a PR and Communications Apprentice, meaning I work on media relations and communications for a number of Arts and Culture clients. Alongside my work at Flint Culture I am completing an apprenticeship with the PRCA (Public Relations and Communications Association) and spend one day a week studying for this.

When did you start your apprenticeship and how did you find out about it? 
I started my apprenticeship in September 2021 after graduating with a master’s from Goldsmiths. I found a job listing on the Bookseller’s job’s board and until that point I wasn’t aware of this kind of apprenticeship and didn’t realize that I could start a job in a new industry in a way which gives me so much support and training.

What has been the best experience of your apprenticeship so far? 
I was able to travel to Durham to attend Lumiere Durham, the UK’s largest light art festival, to assist with a press trip. The festival was incredible, and it was great to have more personal experience working with journalists as most of my work is done over email.

What have you learnt during your apprenticeship? 
I have learnt a lot of skills relating to PR and Communications, and I also now have a much better understanding of the current media landscape than when I started. There has been a very steep learning curve since I started in the role but I now feel comfortable with my work and that’s something that’s improving all the time.

What would you say to people wanting to start an apprenticeship? 
Do it! It’s the perfect way to get started on a new career path and expose yourself to skills you might not have had the chance to test out before.

Has your apprenticeship helped you make your mind up about your career decisions? 
Definitely. My time in this apprenticeship has confirmed that this is a good career path for me.

What top tips would you give to apprentices / those starting out their careers?
Always keep a record of the work you have done and new skills you have learned. Not only will it help you with the admin side of your apprenticeship, but it will also help you to measure and celebrate your progression. And always ask questions! The whole point is to learn from the skills and experience of those around you, so you have to make the most of that.

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