Will Prince Harry buck another trend?

The world’s media flocks to Windsor this weekend for the marriage of His Royal Highness Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. And as royal wedding fever grows, no aspect of the big day is free from speculation. Will Meghan choose Erdem? Are the Spice Girls rumours true? Will Harry wear a ring?
Look at the left hand of many married, male members of the royal family and you’ll find their ring finger conspicuously bare. The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, has not worn a wedding ring in over 70 years of marriage. The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, is following suit, stating personal preference rather than protocol as his reason why. He just isn’t that fond of jewellery apparently.
Unlike William, Prince Harry doesn’t seem adverse to accessories; note his omnipresent beaded bracelet (of which Meghan appeared to wear a replica on a Town & Country cover, amplifying engagement whispers in February 2017). But will Harry follow his brother’s lead on Saturday and leave the wedding band to Meghan?  
Four Hatton Garden jewellers and artisans think they have rings that could turn His Royal Highness’s head...

Diametric Wedding Band
Designed by Karl Karter
“The bespoke element of our rings means that clients can create their own design using different materials and textures. This wedding band features contrasting materials to reflect the coming together of different, unique identities. We have selected it for Prince Harry as the rose gold details match his hair and show that, like His Royal Highness, you don’t always have to be conventional.” Karl Karter

Crowned Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Ring
Designed by Christian Bauer
Stocked by Heming www.hemingjewels.com
“Harry has found his princess in Meghan Markle, and with this ring he can always wear a symbol of his love for her - the crowned princess cut diamond that features at its centre. Whilst the ring is also available in yellow and white gold, this mixture of red gold and platinum is the perfect combination for a modern day prince who likes to follow his own path.
A Christian Bauer wedding ring is more than just jewellery. Each piece is handcrafted by masters of their trades for a company with more than 135 years of experience. Through a process called cold forging, the rings become a heavier, more satisfying weight and thanks to the resulting close atomic structure of the metal, they are guaranteed for life. A Christian Bauer is a piece to treasure - a future heirloom fit for a prince.” April Lavers, Heming.

Designed by Amanda Mansell
“Jewellery is about the connections you make and the interactions you have with it, both physical and emotional. Jewellery isn’t a throw away accessory; something forgotten or discarded at the bottom of your drawer. It is a treasure to be passed down through generations, so old stories can be retold and new stories made. This ring was designed for Craig, an architect who obviously understood and appreciated good design. Crafted in 18ct white and rose gold, it was influenced by his fiancée's engagement ring, which was set with rows of diamonds, sapphires and rubies, and it featured gold from jewellery he’d inherited from a loved one.
 A few years ago I was at the private view of the Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy of Art and found myself standing next to His Royal Highness. Given his reaction to the work on show, he obviously appreciates creativity. He also has an eye for jewellery design, shown by his collaboration on Meghan's engagement ring. I’d love to create a ‘Prince Harry’ wedding band for him. I’d include gold from his late mother’s collection, so that he can carry her legacy with him and always keep her close.” Amanda Mansell

6mm Brushed Rose Gold and Platinum Wedding Band with Groove Edges
Designed and crafted by Queensmith Master Jewellers
“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are super contemporary, and known for going against tradition from time to time. Many may expect Harry to wear a simple platinum band, but we think he would suit something with a little more edge. Whilst this band is almost entirely platinum, its grooved rose gold edges transform it by adding a pop of warming colour - the perfect complement to Prince Harry’s famous flaming locks. It’s a simple, minimalist design, but the brushed finish adds texture to the surface of the ring and a modern alternative to the mirror-polish we see on more traditional pieces.
At Queensmith, we work with clients to create unique and innovative designs to treasure for a lifetime. All of our pieces are handcrafted in-store by a team of master gemologists, design consultants and goldsmiths who create the beautiful, bespoke details that make a ring so personal. (We can also add an engraving to ensure that Prince Harry never forgets his anniversary).” Queensmith Master Jewellers
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