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What to Expect When Visiting Hatton Garden

The Diamond District

At the centre of London’s jewellery and diamond business is Hatton Garden, and with London being among the world’s diamond capitals, the area receives global accolade. Around one in three UK engagements stem from a visit to Hatton Garden to purchase the ring, with merchants, craftsmen, and gemologists renowned as amongst the best in the world.

The Garden, as it’s known locally, houses around seventy jewellery stores and three-hundred jewellery-related businesses, so choosing the right place for you may seem daunting. aims to ease your choice and allow you to browse the options from the comfort of your own sofa. To mull over Hatton Garden’s shops in the flesh for the first time can be daunting, and there is a lot more to look for than a good-looking ring or necklace. Look out for expertise, craftsmanship and qualified gemologists to help you, and it’s important to ask about the quality of a gem or diamond, including cut, clarity, colour and carat.

Independent & Affordable

Independent and Affordable Hatton Garden’s businesses pride themselves on being independently owned, with many remaining within the same family ownership for decades. You won’t find highstreet names here, as Hatton Garden’s jewellers are able to offer far more competitive prices as they largely shun advertising budgets, West End rents and brand premiums, meaning your money should stretch a lot further. From a great Hatton Garden jewellers, you could expect to pay around half that of branded prices.

Planning Your Visit

Bearing in mind the sheer volume of jewellers in Hatton Garden, taking a moment to browse your options on and checking out businesses’ online profiles will do you well. Get an idea of which companies will suit you most and provide the service you’re after. You will probably also want to have an idea of what you want to purchase - for diamonds and particularly engagement rings, have a think about shape and size whilst keeping budget in mind. If you have no idea where to start, there are plenty of experts in Hatton Garden who can give you a clue. Different people will want different things; craftsmanship from on-site workshops to avoid mass-produced design, a GIA certified diamond to ensure the highest quality, a comfortable concept store to ease the purchase; each Hatton Garden shop has a unique characteristic to suit you.

The independent businesses of Hatton Garden are passionate about their industry, and want to give you the education needed when deciding between diamonds and designs. The cost and significance of purchasing diamonds warrants suitable consideration, so expect to spend a good amount of time in the area. An informed purchase will usually take at least an hour. This can mean jewellers’ time get booked up quickly, so calling ahead to book an appointment is advised, although many of the jewellers will also welcome passers-by. Calling ahead should ensure you an in-depth consultation, and some jewellers will prioritise booked appointments. This is also advisable if you are after a specific diamond, as a selection of stones to view will need to be sourced in advance, to give you the most complete consultation.

When To Visit

The opening times of businesses varies, so make sure to check their individual pages for detailed information. Most retailers open Monday to Saturday, with few trading on Sundays. Typical hours are between 10am and 5.30pm, so if you’re after a post-work consultation look out for those open a little later. There are a handful that open daily until 6.30 or 7pm. For more information on how to get to Hatton Garden, check the ‘Getting Here’ page.

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