The Hatton Garden Easter Quiz - Answer Reveal!

Well done to everyone who has played along with the Hatton Garden Easter Quiz over the past two weeks - we were seriously impressed with your local and historical knowledge! 

Keep your eyes on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter over the coming days to find out who the lucky prize draw winner is.  

We're sharing the full question and answer list here - so you can have a go if you missed them the first time around, or share them will your office colleagues to see how they score. 

Have you thought up any Hatton Garden trivia questions of your own? Share them with us, and we'll post them on our social channels for everyone to enjoy. 

Happy Quizzing!



1. What is the name of the current Hatton Garden BID Ambassador? 

2. Why does Wren House, at the corner of Hatton Garden and St Cross Street, host statues of a boy and a girl on its facade? 

3. Which popular magazine was formerly printed on the site of Da Vinci house?

4. In the late 19th century, which two countries provided the majority of diamonds sold  in Hatton Garden? 

A. Russia and Angola
B. Namibia and the DRC
C. India and South Africa

5. Which Leather Lane cafe was named ‘the best coffee shop in London’ by Time Out in 2020? 

6. Hatton Garden takes its name from Elizabethan Chancellor Sir Christopher Hatton, but which special skill was this nobleman famous for?

A. Hunting
B. Dancing
C. Gold-smithing 

7. Leather Lane is named after the boot and bag sellers who used to sell their wares on the street: True or False? 

8. The architect who created the majestic Waterhouse Building (see image below) at the south end of Leather Lane also designed which famous London building?

A. The Shard
B. King’s Cross Station
C. The Natural History Museum 

9. What do these words have in common, and what links them to Hatton Garden?

A. Strong
B. Gent
C. Ginger
D. Old
E. Tall
F. Montana

10. How many jewellery workshops and retailers currently call Hatton Garden home?

A. 300-400
B. 400-500
C. 500+



1. Glen Barrett 2. Because it used to be a school, and the boy and girl figurines represent school pupils  3. Punch magazine 4. Russia and Angola 5. Prufrock 6. Dancing 7. False (it's thought to be a derivation of the name of a local merchant - Le Vrunelane) 8. The Natural History Museum 9. They were the nicknames of the perpetrators of the Hatton Garden Heist 10. 300-400


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