Meet Tyler Goodwin, CEO of Seaforth Land and student of silversmithing

As well all know, Hatton Garden is a place rich in history and heritage, and is home to a wealth of businesses across a wide range of sectors.
We love catching up with the visitors, residents and businesses that call this vibrant area home.
This week, we spoke to Tyler Goodwin, CEO and founder of Seaforth Land, who has found a new hobby through his work in Hatton Garden.

Thanks for meeting with us, Tyler! Could you tell us a little about you and Seaforth Land?
I was born and raised in Canada.  I’ve been in the real estate industry for over 30 years and have lived and worked in Vancouver, Jakarta, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and London.  I moved here from Hong Kong with my family almost 7 years ago to be the CEO of a development company and decided to start up Seaforth Land about 6 years ago.  Seaforth Land is a real estate investor and developer that specializes in Central London Creative Offices.
What’s your connection to Hatton Garden?
I guess we have quite a few touch points.  Seaforth’s offices are based on Saffron Hill.  We also own a building we are calling 8 Bleeding Heart Yard, where we have an exciting planning approved scheme. Finally, my wife and I are aspiring silversmiths/goldsmiths.  We attend classes at Alexandra Huerta’s Central School of Jewellery on Back Hill and buy all our tools, silver and jewels from Hatton Garden suppliers.
How would you recommend someone spends a day in the area?

This area has so much to offer! There are some great spots for food and drink – I’m a huge fan of Ye Olde Mitre.  I grew up in a city that was only founded in 1886, so enjoying a pint at a pub that has been in operation since 1547 - and at that, a special venue tucked away – is something I really enjoy sharing with my friends when they come to visit. 
Of course, The Bleeding Heart Bistro is another favourite of mine.  I also love L. Terroni & Sons on Clerkenwell Rd and Scotti’s Snack Bar on Clerkwenwell Green – both wonderful reminders that this is also London’s Little Italy. Everyone should definitely walk the streets and enjoy the history. 
Come check out Bleeding Heart Yard – I think one of London’s best examples of a Victorian Period Yard.  There are some great shops to explore as well.  One of my favourites is A.R. Ullman on Greville Street – a family run shop specializing in antique and vintage jewellery with literally thousands of pieces to look through and at really reasonable prices. 
Of course, I can’t not mention Bellore Rashbel – I just walked in 3 years ago and said I’d like to start making jewellery as a hobby and they helped me get started and encouraged me to take classes, which has led to my being a member of the Goldsmiths as a student.  I challenge any creative person to walk into Bellore Rashbel and walk out without inspiration and a bag of supplies!
How has the current situation changed the way you work?
We are all back in the office.  Of course we practice social distancing and follow all the appropriate guidelines.  We also built out our own shower and locker room in the office, now that more team members are cycling, running and walking to work. Personally, I think we owe it to the economy to be safe and help stop the spread but also to get back to work and rebuild the economy.  The longer people stay at home, the more small businesses will suffer or shut down.  I also believe people are happier when we are all working and living together – remote living is just not a sustainable approach to life.
How did you get in to silver-smithing?
I’ve always loved making things with my hands – wood working, leather working, painting, clay.  I find it meditative and helps make sure I keep balance in my life.  As I said, the people at Bellore Rashbel really gave me the encouragement to get started.  I’m also fortunate to have an incredibly talented and creative wife and life partner who was keen to try it so we decided to do this as a couple. We’re both big believers in the philosophy, “Those that play together, stay together” – this is a really challenging yet fun thing to do together.
What is an average class like? How is Sandra as a teacher?
Awesome!  Sandra is incredibly knowledgeable and has seen it all.  She is patient and encouraging and lets us make mistakes. She helps us to learn from the mistakes but also sometimes explore and even adapt our projects to capitalize on mistakes.  We do classes in the evenings and they are fairly small, made up of really great people from various industries and with different levels of expertise so we also get inspiration and learn from classmates. We work on our projects at home – taking over the living room table – and a friend was so interested in what we are doing that it has led to a good friend now joining the class!
Have you made anything interesting?
I’ve really enjoyed making silver bracelets inspired by elephant hair bracelets – bending and knotting the silver without any soldering or fusing is challenging but satisfying when it works.  I’ve also made a lot of rings, and some interesting pendants.  I’m not selling anything, but I do make them for friends and family.  I also made Seaforth Land belt buckles in both brass and in silver, and did the leatherwork, and gave them as gifts to my team members and some clients and friends.
How would you sum up Hatton Garden in 3 words?
 Warm, creative community.

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