An Appealing Area

Public realm and an enhanced environment is still widely recognised as being of key importance for the businesses in Hatton Garden, as reflected in the perception analysis. On average, 68% of businesses said that these are the themes that they are feel are the most important of the four themes that have been
implemented over the first term. Although the BID has made huge inroads into this, particularly on an operational level, there is still much more that needs to be done for long term sustainability.

As a BID, we are supporting sensitively-designed public realm interventions that are in keeping with the character and aesthetics of Hatton Garden, focusing on the spaces between the buildings and public spaces with the aim of bringing a coherence to the area. Working collaboratively with partners is vital to this work.

Below are some projects that we wish to take forward over our 2nd term
  • Development of an evidence-based public realm strategy in line with Camden to assess further feasibility of pedestrianisation of Hatton Garden from Holborn to Greville Street.
  • Initial work has begun on this, with testing the different use through road closures and events. During this, consultation has taken place which has demonstrated a want and need from the business community.
  • Support Camden Borough Council with Leather Lane Market improvements, as this is the heart of food and diversity in Hatton Garden and acts as an additional draw for all to the area.
  • Install two additional gateway signs.
  • Improved cycling infrastructure.
  • Respond to planning applications and close liaison with developers to shape the future, avoiding piecemeal developments.
  • Expansion of the existing waste and preferred supplier consolidation scheme. Installation of consolidation site allowing all rubbish bags to be removed from the area immediately.
  • Partnership work and/or lobbying statutory partners, ensuring additional investment is for the benefit of the Hatton Garden area.
  • Enhanced tree planting and greening.
  • Continuation of additional cleansing operative with the provision of monitoring and reporting of environmental issues.
  • Additional street cleansing and chewing gum removal.
  • An air quality pledge from businesses focusing on becoming a carbon resilient area, reducing noise and pollution.
  • Larger and longer lasting Seasonal enhancements through Christmas lights and floral displays including summer and winter.
  • Additional community seating and provision of parklet.

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