Zahra O'Farrell, Digital Marketing Apprentice at Holts Gems

My name is Zahra, I'm 22 years old and I work at Holts Gems as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, and I assist with social media and website updates.

I started my apprenticeship in February 2022 and found it through a platform called Multiverse. the best experience of my apprenticeship so far was working on our new website and seeing how it has been designed from start to finish.

I’ve learnt lots of new skills and marketing language/terminology that I never knew before. I’ve found the workshops helpful in terms of planning campaigns. As someone who is more of a visual learner, it’s something I would recommend to everyone. It makes it a fun way to learn and you’re getting paid to study.

My apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to explore different avenues within the field and see which I prefer.

My top tips to apprentices or those starting out their careers would be to not be afraid to dive in at full speed, when I first started, I was anxious because it was such a big change in career paths and work environments, but I found it was easier to just spend lots of time researching and trying to understand the things I found most difficult. I found that YouTube really helps when I’m stuck on something.

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