Stacey Aylott, Chief Operating Officer at the London Diamond Bourse

Stacey is the Chief Operating Officer at the London Diamond Bourse.

Stacey works across a variety of different sectors at the Bourse, including being tasked with managing all the company’s operational aspects and implementing policies to promote and oversee daily operations.

Stacey began her career at the Bourse in 2014 as an Executive Assistant/Office Manager, later progressing to Operations Manager in 2018. In March 2022, the Executive Committee promoted Stacey to the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Stacey believes that the key skill needed to work in her industry is strong Leadership skills & Communication are a must, organised, problem solvers, decision making.

The best piece of advice that Moa would you give to women in her industry, or those wanting to get in her industry is to never give up on your aspirations.  We may all have barriers to overcome on our career journeys, but do not be governed by thinking you may not have the right qualifications to reach your goals.  It may take time, but it’s the experience you gather through the years, that can actually make you the right candidate for your position in the industry.

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