Saskia Brown, Junior Account Exectuive at Flint Culture

What is you name and how old are you?
My name is Saskia Brown and I am 23 years old.

Where do you work and can you summarise your role?
I'm a Junior Account Executive at Flint Culture. My role is to support media campaigns and contribute to publicity strategies across various client accounts. This involves working closely with the client to develop a campaign strategy, creating tailored media lists, collating press materials, coordinating with journalists to secure media coverage and monitoring campaign success. More broadly speaking, my role is centred around building strong relationships with our clients and UK and international media outlets.

When did you start your apprenticeship and how did you find out about it?
I started my apprenticeship in September 2021. I had heard of Flint Culture through my network while I was completing my postgraduate studies. My academic background is in literature and art history and I had professional experience in publishing and PR, so I thought that Flint Culture would be a great fit for me, combining my interest in PR and my passion for the creative industries. When I checked Flint’s careers page after graduating, I saw this position advertised and thought that pursuing an apprenticeship would be a fantastic opportunity to substantiate my on-the-job learning with a structured training programme working towards a certified diploma.

What has been the best experience of your experience so far?
The best experience of my apprenticeship so far has been helping with organising and then attending the launch event of Inque Magazine, one of the accounts I worked on when I first started. It was so rewarding to see weeks of hard work culminating in a great launch party with lots of positive feedback from journalists, guests and the client.

What have you learnt during your apprenticeship?
I’ve learnt that at the heart of working in PR is being able to develop and nurture positive, trusting working relationships.

What would you say to people wanting to start an apprenticeship?
I would say that starting an apprenticeship is a great way to consolidate what you will learn on the job with a broader understanding of the industry.

Has your apprenticeship helped you make your mind up about your career decisions?
The apprenticeship has definitely helped to highlight areas of PR that I wouldn’t necessarily have known about and has also shed light on the range of possible career paths within PR, which is very useful to be aware of when thinking about long-term career goals.

What top tips would you give to apprentices / those starting out their careers?
Ask plenty of questions and try to learn as much as you can from your colleagues and mentors.

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