Olivia Madigan-Shea, Jewellery Designer

Olivia set up her own jewellery brand and has worked in Hatton Garden for 10 years.

1. What do you do in Hatton Garden? 

I am a jewellery designer specialising in bespoke engagement rings and currently designing a special range of my own that I am so excited to share with the world! I also have a ready to wear collection, a few collaboration collections, and fueled by my ever-growing passion for vintage jewellery, a small collection of vintage rings, all available to purchase through my online store.

2. What does a normal day at work look like?

Hectic! A normal day at work is running around like a crazy woman between my workshops and stockists, making sure all my jobs are executed perfectly.

3. Where are you based in Hatton Garden, and how long have you been here? 

I have been working in Hatton Garden for around 10 years now. I started as an assistant in a local jewellers, built my way up to co-manager and then left to start my own business and I’ve never looked back! I now run everything from my office in Notting Hill.

4. What sets your business apart from other businesses in the sector? 

The style. I like a very bold and unique look with coloured gemstones etc. In addition, the variety of jewellery I offer goes beyond your typical range. I love to give my clients the opportunity to mix a gold hoop with a vintage ring, along with a piece I’ve designed. Why have limitations, you know? I love the idea of offering all your jewellery dreams from one place.

5. What has been your proudest moment since starting your brand?

Receiving my first professional images back from the photographer. It was truly overwhelming looking at the rings I designed captured so beautifully. Next was launching the e-commerce section to my website. There is no better feeling than the feeling you get when a new sale pops up in your emails!

6. What’s your favourite thing about working in Hatton Garden?

The people and the atmosphere! I’ve grown up working there and over the years, have formed tight relationships with the greatest of people. It feels like walking into a familiar community where everybody is up for a good deal and it's always buzzing! My father introduced me to the trade so it will always be a fond reminder of him also.

7. Have you (or any friends or family) made a jewellery purchase in Hatton? What did you get, and what was the occasion? 

Before I had my own business, I had a fantastic deal on my cousin's engagement ring. I also treated myself to a beautiful vintage opal ring and bought my Rolex watch from some good friends down there.

8. Where’s your favourite place to get a coffee in Hatton?

The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. The best coffee, hands down! I have been going there for years and I miss it when I don’t go.

9. Where’s your favourite place to get lunch in Hatton? 

Would have to be the Thai on leather lane, Kin.

10. Where’s your favourite place to get a drink in Hatton?

The One Tun pub, always!

11. What are you doing to bolster your business against the COVID crisis?

I'm pushing the online sales which are keeping me afloat whilst the bespoke side of my business takes a step back. This time has allowed me to be more creative with marketing and interact with my clients on a more intimate and personal level.

12. What one piece of advice would you give to other businesses struggling in the face of COVID and worried about the future?

Be resourceful with what you have and think of innovative ideas to boost sales and welcome new clientele. I recently did a raffle which was a great success, as well as something fun and exciting for my clients to get involved in given the circumstances. This time is forcing us to look at business strategies with fresh eyes, and in turn is teaching us to be more creative and innovative. Do not lose hope and try to use this time to expand and grow


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