Moa Wintzell, Architectural Assistant

Moa Wintzell is Architectural Assistant Part II (with Swedish SAR/MSA qualification and Part III Professional Studies Diploma) at Architecture for London.

Moa works on a range of projects at scales from residential rear extensions to commercial offices. Her day to day includes direct contact with clients, contractors and project consultants, production of drawings at technical or concept levels, presentation material and reporting. Moa has taken an active role in the practice’s administrative side as well, developing reporting and CAD standards, being my team’s sustainability representative, developing calculators and templates for assessing sustainability factors of a project. I’ve worked on many of the practice’s competitions as I have strong visual and conceptual skills. Moa mainly specialise's in sustainable retrofit projects - particularly on heritage properties or in conservation areas - although she also currently working on a new build in a sensitive setting.

When Moa was fairly new to the UK and British companies, she was drawn to AFL for its small team and clear design branding - Moa felt their projects resonated with her own architectural style and was drawn to their focus on sustainability. 

Moa believes that the key skill needed to work in her industry is a healthy combination of fearlessness and forethought. Respecting your responsibilities in the profession: remembering your ethics and what you want to bring to the table. Unfettered curiosity and a willingness to ask questions - there’s no quicker way to learn than to share knowledge and work together. 

The best piece of advice that Moa would you give to women in her industry, or those wanting to get in her industry is that there is a growing community of women in architecture; utilise that! Find support where you work or study, and don’t forget to provide the same support to others who might need it. Remember you are probably your own worst critic: remember your strengths and play to them.

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