Farrah LaBorde, Operations Manager at Seaforth Land

Farrah LaBorde is the Operations Manager at Seaforth Land, based on Saffron Hill.

Farrah's days are incredibly varied as we are a small team and there is very much a muck in approach. Farrah oversee's office management and administrative duties, policy creation and management, HR, and compliance. She is also the project lead on all business ESG strategies and one of the projects that is close to her heart is the work that they do with Access Aspiration, which is a subgroup of The Mayor’s Fund for London. Farrah organises and host student Insight Days, Work Experience and Internships and have set up Seaforth’s Scholarship Programme. Seaforth Land are a commercial real estate developer and she is proud to be part of an organisation that helps to great a London that is accessible, inclusive, and designed with the next generation in mind. Farrah is also involved in their marketing and social media management, and I am currently overseeing the build on our office expansion.

Farrah joined Seaforth Land 5 years ago having previously worked in a company called Office Concierge. When she joined when the organisation was still very much a start-up which Farrah loved as she was able to put her stamp on it and it’s been incredible to watch it flourish and grow.

Farrah believes that the key skills needed to work in her industry are organisational/time management skills, the ability to prioritise and communication skills.

The best piece of advice that Farrah would you give to women in her industry, or those wanting to get in her industry is that the real estate industry is traditionally a very male dominated environment, so to not be intimidated. Be confident in your ability and lean into what your differences can bring.

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