Bianca Feldy, Food Service Supervisor at Anglo American

What is your name and how old are you? 
Bianca Feldy, 31 years old

Where do you work and can you summarise what your role is? 
I work for BaxterStorey in London. My site name is Anglo American/ De Beers. My role is Food Service Supervisor. My day to day role is that all staff are aware of their duties and the standards required; to take responsibility for the smooth and efficient running of the section/s as appropriate; ensure that our restaurant has a fun feeling which customers enjoy and can relax away from the workplace; to ensure that all agreed service objectives are met in line with client expectations and to motivate and lead by example, ensuring my team have fun at work and are proud of their efforts.

When did you start your apprenticeship and how did you find out about it? 
I am currently to my 2nd apprenticeship. I have finished in March 2021 Lvl 3 on Hospitality Supervisor and on September 2021 I have started Lvl 4 Hospitality Manager – F &B Service Management. When we joined Baxterstorey my manager told us about an academy of apprenticeship within the business. Straight away I was interested inlearning more about the hospitality industry.

What has been the best experience of your apprenticeship so far? 
The best experience that I have so far on both levels is that I have attended some online workshops all across England and shared work experience with another students, talk about our workplace, their job role and what they do day to day at work.

What have you learnt during your apprenticeship? 
In my learning journey I work alongside experienced staff, I build up knowledge, skill and responsibilities and I am gaining qualifications. Spending time with a learning provider I have gained key skills required in the general workplace and specific sectors (such as team-working, problem-solving, communication and the use of new technology), finance, HR. On a personal note I have gained a lot of confidence in myself.
What would you say to people wanting to start an apprenticeship? 
Apprenticeships are an excellent way of gaining general workplace experience, understanding how a business works, and improving my personal and social skills.
Has your apprenticeship helped you make your mind up about your career decisions?  
Now that I have more knowledge in the business, meanwhile I started to develop a passion for food, interacting with the clients and building connections around the hospitality industry.
What top tips would you give to apprentices / those starting out their careers? 
I would say as a top tip, not to be afraid of asking questions – as my trainer always says, - there’s no such thing as silly questions. Sometimes you do get overwhelmed with information, responsibilities extra in you workplace but we have to think of the final result and you will be proud and more confident in yourself.

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