Arber Dalipi, Apprentice Technician at Momentum Transport Consultancy

My name is Arber Dalipi I joined Momentum five months ago, in September 2021, and since then I’ve worked on an array of projects across London and the UK, such as our work on Nova Victoria, as well as international projects in Europe and with our Canada team.

My job role is apprentice technician, in my role I use CAD software’s to create drawings of highway plans with high levels of detail. Being an apprentice at Momentum is an amazing experience, the team that I’m surrounded by are very friendly and always helpful when I have a question regarding anything.

I’m gaining real engineering experience and doing a BTEC qualification at the same time. It’s getting me accustomed to working life and I get to fully experience what it’s like to be an engineer.

I’d most definitely recommend an apprenticeship to others who might be thinking about it. I believe especially if you want to get a feel of what it’s like to become an engineer an apprenticeship is the best route in my opinion. Choosing the apprenticeship has opened my eyes to how its like to be a real highways engineer, I most definitely want to carry on down this route and seek more knowledge and experience in this field.

If I was to give some tips regarding on how to start an apprenticeship I would say to do as much research about what company and sector you go into. Try to make sure that you always ask questions when you are working and question why certain things are done, this will make sure that you understand why each decision is being made and how your work affects the bigger picture.

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