This is How Hatton Garden is Attracting Young Talent

Hatton Garden is home to a range of incredible businesses, from jewellers and artisans, to marketing agencies, charities and educational institutions.
At the area’s very heart - and the secret to its longevity - is an ability to attract young and graduate talent to carry Hatton Garden’s industries into the future. Whether that involves training up the craftsmen of the future, or hiring graduates to bring youth and creativity to a team, Hatton Garden is doing a great job of bringing young talent to its industries. 

We spoke to some of the businesses in and around the area about why and how they do it, and this is what they said. 

The Goldsmiths’ Centre: The UK's leading charity for the professional training of goldsmiths

42 Britton Street, EC1M 5AD /

“Talent spotting and supporting the development of emerging craftspeople and designers is both inspiring and rewarding. The Goldsmiths’ Centre team is constantly on the lookout for creative talent from across the UK, within all specialisms and at all levels of career. We offer intensive training with some of the leading names in craft with the aim of supporting emerging makers to develop their skills whether designing, making, setting up in business or taking the next steps in a creative career. Becoming part of the Goldsmiths’ Centre’s wider community also helps young people establish networks which will continue throughout their career in the jewellery, silversmithing and allied industries.”

The Goldsmiths’ Centre host a number of great events throughout the year.

Get tickets to their evening with Tatty Devine on 25th July or see what else is on

Gem-A: The oldest gem and jewellery educators in the world 

21 Ely Place, EC1N 6TD /

“Gem-A exists today because of the concerns of Hatton Garden dealers over 110 years ago, when synthetic ruby, sapphire and (of bigger concern then) cultured pearls started to appear on the market. We created the world's first formal gemmology training course and since those early days, we have delivered the most prestigious post-nominals in the industry to thousands of graduates of our Gemmology and Diamond Diplomas. 

“Still based in Hatton Garden, now directly opposite the building we occupied in 1910, Gem-A offers training that is practical and relevant to today’s market. Not only do we teach our students how to make accurate, informed decisions, we also build their confidence, allowing them to speak with authority when interacting with consumers. 

“Jewellery is a discretionary spend that competes for consumers’ disposable income against the instant gratification of travel or electronic devices. It is therefore vital for the future of Hatton Garden that we invest in education and empower the next generation of gem and jewellery professionals.”

Find out more about Gem-A and gemmology by registering to attend their free July Opening Evening


VIY (Volunteer It Yourself): A social enterprise helping young people learn trade and employability skills

34-35 Hatton Garden /

“VIY (Volunteer It Yourself) is a rarity in Hatton Garden, being a social enterprise that operates in the third sector. Whilst many businesses in the area do not struggle to attract young talent, the third, or charitable, sector can often struggle to attract high potential amongst young graduates, traditionally offering lower salaries and fewer of the perks provided by media jobs that abound in the Farringdon area. VIY, however, is lucky enough to have a young, dynamic team, in part due to recruiting from the UK-wide scheme Charity Works

“The most recent VIY recruit is a graduate of this scheme, which allows recent graduates to deliver a full time job in a partner charity or housing association, whilst also taking part in an acclaimed leadership programme, introducing them to invaluable elements of what’s needed to work and lead in the non-profit sector. Collaboration is a key part of all third sector work, so for VIY to recruit from a scheme like Charity Works not only taps into this, but taps into a wealth of young and inspiring talent."

Crest Communications: A digital marketing and PR agency

34-35 Hatton Garden,

“At Crest, we’re all about bringing young, creative talent on board. In an industry such as ours (PR and marketing) working with young people who have their finger on the pulse, and are immersed in the latest media trends, apps, podcasts and influencers is crucial. We’re also always looking ahead on behalf of our clients, thinking about what we can be doing to ensure they’re still relevant in two years’ time. Young people are a crucial part of this.

“In order to attract young and graduate talent, we offer a range of opportunities alongside full-time job vacancies: such as work experience placements and internships. This means that individuals at graduate level and below are able to work with us and get an understanding of what we do, without committing to a full-time position that they’re not ready for. These sorts of placements are a great way of bringing young, creative, keen and engaged talent on board, and giving them that all important on-the-job experience.

“It’s all about advertising your roles in the right places. Big job sites such as Indeed and Reed are great, but it’s so easy for vacancies to get swallowed up. If it’s young people you’re after, we’d recommend advertising on top university Careers Portals, on sites like, and shouting about your vacancy on LinkedIn and Twitter.”

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