Best Lunches For £5 or Less in Hatton Garden

You don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy a delicious midday feast! Leave the lunchbox at home and try one of these top picks today. 

1. Cafe L’Auberge, Leather Lane  
For something healthy, delicious, and oh-so affordable, look no further than Cafe L’Auberge. Big bowls of fresh salad ingredients are there for you to help yourself, and there’s a hot plate too with delicious roasted vegetables, samosas and great roast potatoes. 

Highlight: Samosas

Price: Salads from £3 / cash only 


2. Fidelio, Clerkenwell Road

Fidelio on Clerkenwell Road is an interesting space, combining coffee, great italian food, and classical music. It even has its own orchestra! We’re most interested in the food though - and their £5 lunch deal, to be precise. Enjoy their pasta of the day every day for £5, and get a real Italian treat. Check out their ‘What’s On’ page to see whether you can combine these with some brilliant live music.

Highlight: Pesto and rocket pasta 

Price: From £5 if you get the special

3. The King of Falafel, Clerkenwell Road 

Leather Lane has got a lot to offer when it comes to shish wraps and falafel, but we’d recommend walking a little further along until you get to this little gem.
You can get a fresh Lebanese chicken or lamb wrap for just £4.95 or a roasted vegetable wrap or falafel wrap for £4.50. Their samosas are to die for, too.

Highlight: Lebanese chicken wrap 

Price: Wraps from £4.50


4. Elia’s Greek Food, Leather Lane

Simple and healthy, Elia’s Greek Food always has a queue - which can only be a good sign! Get a pork, chicken or mixed veggie rice box for just £5, feat. as many delicious dips as you fancy (the feta cheese one is our favourite). If you want something lighter, you can also get a light salad box for as little as £3. That’s less than a meal deal! 

Highlight: Greek chicken souvlaki sandwich

Price: From £3

5. Embutique, Leather Lane

There’s nothing more filling and flavoursome than paella, and this brilliant stall on Leather Lane offers a vegan version for £5, too. What better?! You’ll have to pay a little extra for the privilege of meat. If you ask us, the vegan version is just as delicious.

Highlight: Vegan paella

Price: From £5


6. Persian Kebab, Leather Lane 

This is one for the meat eaters. Get a chicken or lamb kofte wrap or rice box for under £5 at Persian Kebab, complete with hummus, tzatziki and salad (it’s the tzaztiki that does it for us). Super delicious.

Highlight: Lamp kofte wrap 

Price: From £4.50

7. Ethopian Cuisine, Leather Lane 

Travel to another continent with lunch from Ethiopian Cuisine. Again, you’ll have to go vegan to get your meal for less that a fiver, but it’s totally worth it. The lentil, cabbage and spinach box packs a punch.

Highlight: The Tibs box  

Price: From £5


8. Chick, Leather Lane

Some like their falafel in a wrap, some like it in a pitta. If you’re the latter, Chick’s falafel pittas are for you. They’re generous and delicious - just make sure you put a napkin on your lap to avoid a mess! Sit in if you fancy a break from the office. And treat yourself to some of their incredible Chick Fries if you’re after a real treat.

Highlight: Chick Fries 

Price: From £4.80

9. Dukan-41 

At Dukan-41 you can get a FREE soft drink with any wrap or salad. That’s a meal deal if ever we heard one! Get a falafel wrap for £4.80, or halloumi for £5. Be prepared to join the queue.

Highlight: Shawafel wrap 

Price: From £4.80


10. Coco di Mama, Leather Lane

Proudly marking one end of Leather Lane is local favourite Coco di Mama. Not only do they serve incredible All Press coffee; they also have a menu packed full of total crowd pleasers. The best bit? Food starts at £3.20. Mega affordable.

Highlight: Caprese baguette - simple and delicious

Price: From £4 

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