“Vibrant, friendly and amazing” – BID team members Glen and Edgar on Hatton Garden

We’re so pleased to see so many of our wonderful businesses reopening as visitors return to Hatton Garden.

We caught up with two important members of the Hatton Garden BID team to find out how they’re making the area clean, safe and welcoming.

Can you tell us a little about your roles within Hatton Garden BID?   
G: I'm Glen, the Hatton Garden BID Ambassador. My role is to ensure safety on the streets, to identify and try to resolve any anti-social behaviour issues and to ensure there is consistent communication between the BID team and Hatton Garden businesses.   


E: My name is Edgar and my role is to keep the Hatton Garden footprint clean and clear of any waste or rubbish, so that the area is appealing for visitors and teh employees in the area.

How long have you been working with the Hatton Garden BID team? 
G: I have been the Hatton Garden BID ambassador for the past 2 and a half years.     
E: Since March 2019, so nearly a year and a half.

What does your average day look like?       
G: Day to day, my role is to be the eyes and ears of the BID. I report any issues that occur in the footprint, ensuring the streets are safe from any issues or hazards. I report and try to resolve any problems that Hatton Garden businesses face.         
E: My average day consists of going around the Hatton Garden footprint cleaning the streets and reporting cleanlinesses issues on the Clean Camden App.

How could a visitor to Hatton Garden spend their morning/afternoon/day?           

G: Grab a coffee at one of Hatton Garden’s great selection of coffee shops. Also, along Leather Lane there is a wide variety of different foods on offer that I would highly recommend any visitors to the area to try in between their shopping. 

E: Hatton Garden is a very safe and friendly area, you can spend your day visiting the jewellery shops and grabbing lunch at Leather Lane market.

Any particular recommendations for great places to grab food/a drink or shop?

G: The whole street is a great place to shop as somewhere will have exactly what youre looking for. There are too many stalls on Leather Lane to choose from but The Arglye is great for reasonably priced food and drink and Konditor for amazing desserts - especially their cakes!   
E: Leather Lane is where I recommend for great food as there are so many choices.

What do you like most about Hatton Garden? 
G: The atmosphere. I find the area very social; people are always wanting to talk and see how your day is going.
E: The workers in the area as they are very friendly and sociable.

Describe Hatton Garden in 3 words.       
G: Vibrant, friendly and amazing!                                                                           
E: Welcoming, clean and great!

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