Get it right this Valentine's Day with expert advice from Hatton Garden

Valentine’s Day should be stress-free and romantic, but finding the perfect gift can be a difficult process. Whether you're shopping for your Valentine, galentine or simply for yourself, Hatton Garden's wealth of jewellery experts are here to help you cut to the chase by revealing the trends, cuts and gems worth their weight in gold this month.

Camilo Vargas, Senior Gemmologist at Holts Gems, said:

"Gone is the trend of picking something out of a shop window last minute. Those proposing or looking for a special Valentine’s gift should cherish the journey of creating something sentimental by picking out the diamond or gemstone and developing and finessing a design with artisans and experts. It’s a story to tell, not just a fleeting purchase.

“Driven by their desire for something unique, we’re anticipating more young, dynamic jewellery buyers to consider a diversity of coloured gemstones for their bespoke commissions. Partners like to surprise their other halves with birthstones, their favourite colour or something that reflects their personality, such as a fiery ruby or the calming allure of a Padparadscha sapphire. This search for colour, charm and personality extends beyond diamonds and precious gemstones, as couples are also choosing warm and flattering hues of yellow and rose gold for their jewellery.

“If it’s not quite the year to propose, consider a simple solitaire or halo pendant necklace. Fine, layered chains and necklaces are having a real moment - and are both wearable everyday whilst being innately precious to the wearer. A bezel set diamond or gemstone pendant can look super contemporary - particularly set in yellow gold."


Joanne Rusch, Queensmith Master Jewellers, Design Consultant & Gemmologist at Queensmith Master Jewellers, said:

"Sure, this year is a Leap Year - but women aren’t just leaving the proposals to a once-in-a-4-year occurrence anymore. Alongside the shifting trajectory of hetero couples, a rise in same-sex and LGBT marriages has contributed to the amount of women popping the question. Whether they commission a ring for their partner, or pop the question then visit us to create their rings together, we’re loving the rise in female proposers all year round.

“This somewhat newfound boldness is seeping into their custom designs: our female customers are adventurous with their choices, from intricate designs to the use of bold diamond shapes like Asscher cuts, emerald cuts, marquise and pear diamonds. Yellow gold is definitely having a moment, with many female customers adoring its warming quality and contrast with colourless diamonds or vividly coloured rubies and sapphires. So whether you’re buying a ring for yourself or your loved one - be bold! It’ll serve you well."

Stephen Berman, CEO at Arlington & Co, says:

“As far as trends are concerned we’re expecting to see lots of people buying platinum rings and white gold jewellery around Valentine’s Day this year. These are classic styles that make great presents as they’ll never go out of fashion, and are difficult to dislike. When people aren’t quite sure what their partner is going to like, we also recommend something timeless.” 

“Jewellery makes a great Valentine’s gift as it’s as much an emotional investment as a financial one. A piece of high end jewellery usually means something for both buyer and wearer, as the time you spend selecting the perfect piece for your partner goes to show how much you care.”



Alfie Healy (above), Managing Director at Platform Jewellers, says: 

“This year it’s all about realising that diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but they’re not just for women. Diamond set rings will also be a popular choice for women looking to propose to their other halves this Leap Year. Having said that, getting engaged around Valentine’s Day is always a popular trend, so we expect to see every kind of couple coming in to choose the perfect ring. We’ve seen a big increase in same sex couples buying each other beautiful engagement rings in recent years, so we look forward to helping this clients make their pick.

“Both sapphire and three-stone engagement rings continue to be popular as people look to emulate the styles of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, so we’re also prepared to take some orders inspired by their rings around Valentine’s Day.”

Carolyn Jackson (above), Group General Manager at Beverley Hills Jewellers, said:

“It’s a Leap Year this year so women should feel extra empowered to find the perfect piece for their partner and propose. It’s the perfect way to make a statement and your partner will love that you’ve taken the reigns. Our female clients who’ve done this in previous years have told us how great it felt to disrupt traditional gender roles and propose.

You can get lovely plain rings if your partner is more understated in style, or opt for something statement with diamonds, engravings or mixed metals. Where possible, take the time to visit a shop and choose something in person rather than shopping online. From experience I know this will often help a gift feel extra significant.”



Phil Spencer (below), Founder of London DE, says:
“Coloured gemstones are becoming increasingly desirable. Ruby is a very popular Valentine’s gift, most obviously because red is commonly considered the colour of love. Pink is also a popular choice of coloured stone, including pink sapphire, spinel, and pink diamonds for the more affluent. Emeralds (especially Colombian emeralds), are beautiful centrepieces to any piece of jewellery, conjuring images of eternity and youth. 
“You could also consider heart shaped gemstones. It is said that the reason a woman wears her engagement and wedding rings on the fourth finger of her left hand is because there is a vein that leads directly from that finger to her heart, so what better way to symbolise this than to adorn her with a heart cut gemstone ring? Pendants and necklaces can also be worn close to the heart, giving them special significance on Valentine’s Day.”

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