Nimaya Mindstation - Exclusive Corporate Open Week Invitation

Employee wellness programmes, healthy home-work balance and immune boosting activities have become more and more important in boardroom discussions. The Coronavirus pandemic has shifted the prime agenda of corporate management to evolving their employee wellbeing schemes.
The need for functional mental as well as physical wellness programs only grows stronger as people struggle with post-lockdown anxiety, depression and increasingly blurred lines between home and work life as many businesses choose to settle for working from home option and ditching an idea of traditional working space.
Nimaya Mindstation is a family run business and is London’s first dedicated gym for the mind with a goal is to provide everything our clients need to support their mind and body wellbeing.
From it’s inception we have been working with leading experts in their respective fields to ensure the highest quality of service and therapies are offered and that they are multi-dimensional, ethical and of the highest calibre.
 As Nimaya is located in the heart of the City, we aim to help the many busy, stressed out professionals from highly pressured industries that are now returning to London offices or continue to work from home as the city coming back to its ‘normal’ life.
Our centre offers 7 machine-led treatments and 7 holistic therapies that are highly effective for reducing stress, anxiety, depression and managing chronic illnesses including Long Covid. We offer you the option of a Corporate Membership which allows for employees to visit the centre for treatments, and also offer a Pop-Up service where we set up a temporary treatment centre with a selection of therapies within your company’s own premises.
Nimaya’s corporate clients report that their employees are experiencing better stress management, reduced aches and pains, uplifted mood and energy and it directly reflects in their performance. The companies that opted for a corporate membership benefit from improved teamwork, increased employee loyalty to the business and reduced sickness and absenteeism.
Call Justyna on 07488364967 or email [email protected] before Friday 22nd
to book your slot and complimentary treatment during the exclusive Nimaya Corporate Open Week between
25th – 29th October 2021!

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