Hatton Garden BID awarded £25,000 from TfL Healthy Streets Fund for Business

We’ve got some great news for all of us in Hatton Garden! Last week it was announced that Hatton Garden BID would be awarded £25,000 of funding from TfL, to totally transform the area’s waste and recycling services. This is an extremely positive development for all businesses operating in the area, as not only will it save your business money, it will also mean the streets are cleaner and air quality greatly improved.

Hatton Garden BID announce TfL funding
How will the funding be used? 

The funding will be used to deliver a waste/recycling collection preferred supplier, and waste consolidation scheme, across Hatton Garden. This funding will be matched by the BID to provide a minimum £50,000 investment, which will go directly towards cleaning up the streets of Hatton and providing a better, healthier environment for us all to enjoy.
Why do we need the funding? 

Presently there are multiple waste/recycling collection companies operating in Hatton Garden, offering different services and collecting at different times, which means a significant number of vehicles can be seen moving around each day, collecting waste. Not only does this visually impact our area, but it also means bags are often left in the street longer than necessary, and air pollution increases due to the number of waste disposal vehicles on our streets.
What does this look like in practice?

Very soon Hatton Garden BID will be releasing an Invitation To Tender for waste and recycling services in Hatton Garden. This will offer businesses in the area a subsidised service, which will reduce the cost to your business, and standardise collections so that bags are collected in a uniform manner. This will significantly reduce vehicle movements in Hatton Garden and will keep our streets clean, tidy and healthy.

Furthermore, we’re working towards providing a waste consolidation location, so that all bags can be moved by a BID operative to one location where they will be collected.

We’re really excited about this new development at the BID, and are looking forward to improving the look and feel of Hatton Garden for potential customers, clients, visitors, and those of us who work here every day!

If  you have any questions, please drop us an email via [email protected] and we’ll happily answer them for you. For more information on TfL’s Healthy Streets fund, visit their website.

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