Digital Communications During The COVID-19 Crisis: A Guide For Businesses

Digital Communications During The COVID-19 Crisis: A Guide For Businesses

With Government policy dictating that all non-essential shops must close for the forseeable future, many business owners will be wondering what the best methods are for keeping their customers informed and engaged from the safety of their homes. 

The good news is that it's never been easier to remain connected with your core customer base via online platforms - and there's even potential for reaching out to new demographics! 
This guide outlines how you can easily utilise the power of digital communication to help your business prosper rather than pause.  Whether you're a digital novice or native, there are bound to be steps you can take to improve your current practices. 

Keep your customers in the know 
If you have shut your physical retail space and switched your focus to building your business online, it’s important to let your customers know of the changes you have implemented. They will appreciate you reaching out to them, and it will put your business at the forefront of their minds. Start by updating this information on your ‘Google My Business’ account, and  then send an email out to your mailing list. 

If your business has social media accounts, publish a post informing your followers of the temporary changes to your store opening. It's also a great chance to advertise your online offerings at the same time - especially if you are launching a new website or sales platform. Make sure that you share phone and/or email contact details with your customers in case they need to get in touch during the period of closure. 
 COVID-19 may have meant that some of your deliveries have stalled or customer appointments have had to be cancelled and re-arranged. It’s important to communicate these issues to clients who are awaiting products or consultations! If you've had to disappoint a customer, consider offering a voucher or discount code as a token of your goodwill and to secure future business. 

Overhaul your social media presence 
If you've been putting off creating or updating your business's social media pages, now is the time to do it!

It's essential that you have a solid, unified presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These platforms are excellent ways of communicating with your customers and fellow business owners, as well as sharing news and promoting your products or services. For more information on how to use social media effectively during this time, read our guide to bulletproofing your business.

Spread good news to boost your business's reputation 

During these tough times, consider your business's capacity to help others in need. We all need to pull together during these challeneging times, so could you offer food deliveries to vulnerable older people, send out cheering postcards though the mail, or even offer your skills to someone who could benefit from them? 

However you help, make sure to share your activities across your social media channels so that you can spread the joy and encourage others to do the same. 
It's not boasting -   it's boosting morale and your reputation! Consumers will be more likely to trust and support businesses who are being socially responsible during the crisis. 

Keep on top of the news so you can react accordingly
Currently, businesses and individuals are receiving new information and updates from Government sources daily.

Make sure that your customers know that you’re on top of the latest news and protocol and react accordingly. If news comes out that affects you and your business, let your customers and staff know how you’re handling it via email and social media. You might even want to consider doing a Q&A on your Instagram stories so customers can ask questions or voice concerns with you.

Remember to look through our past blog updates to find out more about how to connect your staff when working remotely, optimise your website for e-commerce, and more! 

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