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De Beers are making their return to Hatton Garden with a swanky new building on Charterhouse Street. As part of their return and commitment to the area they are running a Diamond Pipeline course for members in the Hatton Garden Area.

This prestigious brand new course will be run over 5 days, 5 times a year over the next upcoming 5 years. Course content will go through the stages of the diamond pipeline starting with the mining right through to the marketing. Those who wish to attend must have a direct connection with Hatton Garden and have a strong interest/ experience in the artisan industry, application details can be found below course content overview.

Before the course kicks off, attendees will be required to partake in some e-learning which should take around 4 hours to complete. This will be done through a secure online platform which was created specifically for De Beers, within the 3 modules there are a series of bitesize chapters which students can start and stop as it suits them as the system automatically saves any progress. These modules will include a delve into the history of diamonds to discover where they come from and how recovery techniques have changed over time. Module 2 will run through the next steps of a diamonds journey and the human processes around their shape exploring the transformation that takes place when a diamond is taken from its original rough form into its final polished design. In module 3 the attention will be on the final stages of the diamond pipeline, examining the technical process of jewellery manufacturing before looking at the art of selling and the importance of branding.

The below break down of the course was provided by Jodine Perrin, Director of Education & Training at De Beers

Monday - Students begin with introductions and an overview of the main learning outcomes from the eLearning modules. This is also an opportunity for students to register their desired learning outcomes for the lab-based portion of the course with the main course facilitator. We have an online Q&A session where members of the exploration team from Johannesburg dial in. This gives students the opportunity to ask questions about the upstream led processes and learn more about this area specifically. We also have a session exploring the Building Forever strategy in more detail, and this session is hosted in person by a member of our ‘Social & Community Development’ team. The afternoon session is hosted by our Physics team from the De Beers Maidenhead research & development facility. The section takes students through the growth of diamonds, and the resulting properties which make diamond rare and unique. The session contains several interactive exercises.

Tuesday - The Tuesday session covers the process of sorting and valuing rough diamonds. Throughout the day students are taken through a series of exercises (handling rough diamonds throughout the day) designed to give student an overview of the rough sorting process, which we use within the company. Towards the afternoon we switch focus and learn how the various categories of rough diamonds are then valued for subsequent sales to our Sightholder customers. The day is full of hands-on exercises and hosted by the Pricing & Development team experts from De Beers.

Wednesday - On Wednesday we turn our attention to polished diamonds and take students through a series of hands-on exercises designed to showcase each of the 4Cs (Carat, Clarity & Colour). Each exercise is designed to replicate the laboratory grading processes so that students build up an appreciation of the various processes involved in grading polished diamonds. It also serves as learning in advance of the rough to polished session which is held on Thursday morning. This session is presented by a member of the De Beers laboratory grading team.

Thursday - Rough to Polished session. During the morning session our students review the traditional techniques of the planning process which is critical when cutting and polishing diamonds. We then move to the more advanced techniques and students are asked to complete a series of exercises using technology to plan a series of outcomes form examples diamonds. Each exercise is designed to highlight the expertise of the trade professionals, whilst also highlighting some of the external factors which can influence commercial decisions. On Thursday afternoon students will be introduced to the concept of Consumer Confidence. We review the De Beers strategic actions in this field including the design and use of its Screening and Verification instruments. Again, the afternoon contains a series of activities so that students gain hands-on experience of using the technology, as well as benefitting from experts within our De Beers teams. They also get to see lab-grown materials and learn about the difference between these and natural diamonds.

Friday - Today students begin the day at our De Beers Jewellers store in Bond Street. We spend the morning exploring the importance of tracking and reviewing customer trends in the world of branding and examine the DBJ strategy in more detail. We also get to spend time looking at the jewellery designs in store and preparing students for the afternoon session which focuses on design. The morning session is hosted by the Store Manager of Bond St, as well as a member from the De Beers Strategy team. After making our way back to Charterhouse Street, students are joined by a Senior Lecturer form the British Academy of Jewellery, who take students through an afternoon of practical workshop sessions designed give them an appreciation of the world of jewellery and design processes. Finally, we run through a short session designed to review the original learning outcomes which ill have been captured at the start of the week. Once we have discussed any outstanding discussion points, students will be presented their Certificate of Completion by a Senior Member of De Beers.


27th September - 1st October 2021
18th October - 22nd October 2021


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