Article25 - 10x10 Art Auction 2023 - "Reflection" at The Bindery

10×10 London is Article 25’s flagship fundraising event bringing together prominent artists, designers, and architects to create pieces of artwork offering unique reflections on the constantly changing landscape of the city. Originally, a grid of 100 squares was cast over an area of London and assigned to each artist. Today, a theme is given for artists to interpret as they wish. A special fundraising art auction is the outcome and funds are generated in support of Article 25’s work.

This year’s theme given to artists is reflection. Consider the Reflecting Pool in The Mall in Washington DC, the Canopus at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, or the mirror writing of Leonardo; the way Venice is shown in its canals or images of London reflected in the Thames. The Velvet Underground’s sang ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’; while William Shakespeare wrote in an early sonnet, ‘Look in thy glass and tell the face thou viewest’. The symmetry of reflection is so beautifully expressed in Richard Wilson’s 20:50 where a room filled with recycled engine oil reflects the architecture of the space. A body of water may offer a physical reflection awakening an emotional one. So many interpretations to be reflected in this year’s 10x10 art auction.

10×10 London is a highly anticipated fundraising event by Article 25, featuring talented artists, designers, and architects who create unique artwork inspired by London's ever-changing landscape. This year's theme is reflection, and artists have created original works of art that reflect this theme. The event aims to support Article 25's humanitarian architecture efforts around the world. The online auction for the artworks will go live on April 20th, offering a chance for art enthusiasts to own a piece of London-inspired art. The in-person silent auction will be hosted at The Bindery on May 4th from 6pm to 9pm, providing attendees with the opportunity to view the artwork in person and place their bids. This event offers a unique chance to acquire original pieces of art while also supporting a good cause, as all proceeds will go towards Article 25's humanitarian architecture efforts worldwide. Don't miss out on this exciting event!


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