Aaron's First Quarter in Hatton Garden

Within my first quarter working with you all in Hatton Garden, I feel great strides have been made in line with our core values that you, as local members, voted in favour for in the recent 2021 re-ballot.

From talking to local businesses when I first started, a key issue that was raised was the desire for greater security presence to deter anti-social behaviour. To combat this issue, we have ensured that our local security team regularly patrol the area at random times every day to help keep the area safe and secure. Similarly, our on-street community facilities manager, Luis Carlos, works tirelessly to keep the streets clear and clean. We want Hatton Garden to be a safe and welcoming area - not only for people visiting, but also for those who work within the area. We take great pride in not only being reactive to these types of local issues, but being proactive in dealing with these so that our local members are working in an environment that is something that they can take great pride in.

In line with making the local area a visibly better place to be, we recently undertook a project to make improvements to local street furniture. With support from the government’s Additional Restrictions Grant, we were able to repaint 28 lamp columns, 16 traffic light columns and 68 bollards across the Hatton Garden area. This is a project that we will continue to roll-out to make the area a more desirable place to work in.

Another core project I have delivered is improving the wayfinding and visibility of the local area. With the opening of the Elizabeth line, the local area is expected to see an additional 82,000 visitors per day, so to help promote the local area, we have designed and installed a gateway banner which is visible on the Farringdon Road / Greville Street junction. In line with the initial aims of this project, we at the BID want to find new and innovative ways of increasing the exposure of Hatton Garden as we continue in our path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. We always listen to what our local businesses want and are always open to further suggestions on how we can improve business within the local area.

Within my first quarter, I have also looked for ways to improve local networking. On Thursday 30th June 2022, we hosted The Strawberry Fayre in Brooke’s Market. This event was put on for the local community to come together and celebrate the local history of strawberries dating back to the 1600s. Initially referenced in Shakespeare’s Richard III "My lord of Ely, when I was last in Holborn, I saw good strawberries in your garden there; I do beseech you, send for some of them”. With a complimentary glass of prosecco and punnet of strawberries, people were able to enjoy a wide variety of festivities, including live music from Camden Music Trust, games, and a space to sit down and enjoy their lunch break.

We also recently held, in partnership with Charlotte Wiseman, a mental health first aid course on Tuesday 13th-Wednesday 14th September 2022 at the Federation of Master Builders on Ely Place. The aim of this is to continue to break down pre-existing societal barriers regarding mental health and/or illness. It is important to appreciate that, unlike a physical illness, mental health issues cannot always be seen. By hosting these courses, we create an environment where people feel they can speak out about how they are feeling without receiving any form of prejudice – which is vital in all walks of life, and especially in workplaces.

Over the last few months, we have run several Dr Bike Workshops, in partnership with Central District Alliance BID, which has been a huge success. The sessions have provided our cycling commuters with a free bicycle maintenance MOT. In addition to this our local Police team has been on-site to security mark the bikes via the national Bike Register Database and offer crime prevention advice. These workshops will continue to take place on the first Tuesday of every month. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like more details!

As part of their return and commitment to Hatton Garden, De Beers have been hosting a series of diamond pipeline courses for Hatton Garden members over the upcoming 5 years. Camden Council agreed that the BID would oversee the applications and help with the process of getting people signed up and registered onto the course and so I have been working with the London Diamond Bourse and Centa to find appropriate attendees. Anyone wishing to join the courses can do so by filling out this form.

I’m also pleased to confirm that we have been working hard to prepare for the festive season in Hatton Garden. We will soon be able to share our plans, so keep your eyes peeled for our monthly newsletter.

On a personal level, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first few months with the Hatton Garden BID and am excited for what the future holds. Should you ever need anything from me, or have any concerns relating to the local area, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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