2018/19 AGM Minutes

The 2019/20 Hatton Garden BID AGM took place on Thursday 17th of October 2019

Below are the minutes from the meeting


Gary, the BID chairman, welcomed everyone to the AGM and stated what  they would be discussed during the morning's meeting, as well as introducing the BID team. 

Overview of the past 12 months and forthcoming year 

It was noted that James Sackley, BID manager, had now left Hatton Garden BID. The core team of Sarah Nelson (Director) and Olivia Watson remains. Olivia has now been promoted to Project Manager, with a Project Assistant soon to be recruited. 

Sarah gave an in-depth overview of the previous year’s projects and achievements focusing on the 14 strategic themes. She also gave an overview of budget spend in each area and project plans for forthcoming year The full presentation can be found here

Hatton Garden BID Accounts 2018/19

End of year accounts were shown - following an external audit and being approved and signed by the BID directors. All accounts were formally adopted by the BID members in attendance at the AGM.

BID Board Election 

Thanks were given to Paul Swaddle (director) and Karl Karter (observer), who are now stepping down due to other commitments. 

2019/20 Board Directors were appointed with no challenges. Gary Williams – Chair (Jewellery) Carolyn Jackson (Jewellery) Robert Wilson (Leisure/ Hospitality) Vacant (Leisure/ Hospitality) Paul Scanlan (Creative industries) Lorna O’Neil (Property owner) Renato Benedetti (Office occupier) Roy McGowan (Office occupier) Simon Hawkins (Office occupier) Sally Leonard was appointed to replace Karl Karter as jeweller/ designer observer. 

Social Media and PR Update

Rhiannon from Crest Communications attended. Crest are the BID’s local appointed social media and PR contracted team. As they are based in Hatton Garden, they are incredibly responsive and have made huge improvements to the BID’s online presence. A comprehensive breakdown of this was given (the full presentation can be found here). 

Holborn Vision Update 

Following the BID’s comprehensive response on behalf of the businesses to Camden’s Holborn Vision Urban Strategy consultation, the LBC were invited to present on this. An overview was given as to the purpose of the vision as a supplementary planning document. It was stated that Hatton Garden as a full area had perhaps been neglected within the vision. LBC regeneration team are now re working the vision and will do further consultation shortly. Further information can be found here.


A networking session took place where directors and the executive team were available for any further questions.

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