Air Quality

60 seconds for cleaner air

Take 60 seconds to complete a short questionnaire at and receive relevant recommendations to make your deliveries more efficient.

Even though your operations are probably already efficient, deliverBEST will get you thinking from an air quality point of view and can help uncover further efficiencies you may have not considered before.

The Hatton Garden BID and deliverBEST business engagement team is also on hand to discuss your particular needs, and provide guidance on implementing the recommendations you have received.

Do you also often order parcels to work? The majority of us do, missing parcels is a common frustration, and the office is often the obvious choice. The only downside that most of us don’t consider is the extra traffic, congestion and air pollution that all of our parcels bring to the roads in central London. We tend to think of just our one parcel, however every day parcel deliveries contribute to a considerable amount of London’s air pollution and congestion. Redirecting your deliveries will help reduce the toxic air pollution linked to the deaths of 9,400 Londoners a year.
The Hatton Garden BID is working with The Cross River Partnership to encourage local workers and businesses to consider using Click and Collect services, which are easy, reliable and affordable, with many options being free, simply choose a local collection point when shopping online or use the collection point's address as your own.  
You will be able to click & collect in store, click & collect near home, or use the Personal Parcel ID and delivery address service. You can pick a location close to home, work or perhaps along your commute. Collection points are found all over London and the UK, including Amazon Locker, CollectPlus, Doddle, HubBox, InPost 24/7 Lockers and Parcelly.  

Find out more about Click & Collect.
By redirecting personal deliveries from central London workplaces you’ll be helping reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, making Hatton Garden a nicer, safer and healthier place for all.
Local employers are encouraged to recommend this FREE service to their staff as part of their corporate social responsibility credentials, and to improve the environment of course!