Faces of Hatton Garden: Amanda Mansell

Having always loved all things creative, Amanda Mansell tells us how she became a jewellery designer in Hatton Garden.

1.       What got you started in this business?

Amanda graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1997 with an MA in Jewellery and Metalwork.  She has always been a creative soul. From creating her own dresses and fashion style as a teenager, to decorating birthday cakes. Amanda originally set her sights on becoming a fashion or textiles designer. But after graduating with a 1st class BA (HONS) degree in Crafts the direction of her career was about to change.
Her dissertation explored Victorian attitudes to women and fashion and it was during this process that she became as interested in the intricate jewellery as she was in the elaborate dresses, fuelling Amanda’s obsession with jewellery and leading her to where she is today.
2.       What do you think Hatton Garden offers your business? Is there a reason you enjoy working here?
Hatton Garden has a long legacy with jewellery dating back to medieval times. Amanda is proud to be part of this incredible legacy having been first introduced to Hatton Garden in 2001 where she rented a bench in a small workshop. Since then she has built on relationships with skilled craftsmen and moved into a larger studio where she continues to work today, and the craftsmen she works with are now an established and trusted family, who collectively have over 100 years’ experience! Hatton Garden is one of the few places that will offer that sense of community and hub of creative skills.
Also, the central location makes it very convenient for her clients to visit and commission bespoke pieces of jewellery, and enjoy the unique character of this historic area.  
3.       Has there been a moment in your career to date that has made you feel most proud?
Amanda has had many moments in her career that have made her want to pinch herself. To name a few, Amanda won the Goldsmith’s Craft and Design Council award 2016 and has been short listed for many awards over the years. In 2012, Amanda was made a Freeman of The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths in recognition of her commitment and contribution to the jewellery industry. 
She has also written a book "Adorn: New Jewellery" which showcases jewellery from across the globe and was published in 2008 by Laurence King.  Last but by no means least, Amanda wanted to introduce the exciting and often mysterious world of jewellery making to a wider audience, so she featured in the 2008 short film called "For the love of it".

4.       What ambitions do you have for Hatton Garden as an area?

The major changes and development that we are currently witnessing in Hatton Garden are having a significant impact on this special area.  Amanda hopes the passion of the jewellery community, together with the support of other business sectors and the work of the BID, will not only help to retain its historic jewellery roots but also build it into a major visitor destination, recognised for high standards in creativity and excellence in craft and design. 

5.       Do you have any exciting plans for the future of Amanda Mansell Jewellery?

Amanda's new website is a year in the making and the launch date is imminent.  There is a big focus and move towards bespoke design and unique jewellery.

"When you commission a piece of bespoke jewellery you’re doing so much more than buying an object. You’re buying an experience. You’re buying a relationship with the maker. You’re creating something completely unique and something to be treasured", says Amanda. 
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