Lewis Malka - Hatton Garden

Lewis Malka

Lewis Malka is the owner and founder of Lewis Malka London specialising in fine diamond jewellery and engagement ring design, with an approach to premium jewellery which is at the heart of his brand and ethos. 

His only means of advertising is by word of mouth and all his pieces are made bespoke. He works on an appointment only basis and believes you need to see the twinkle, the life, the scintillation in a diamond and truly fall in love with it before you purchase.
At 16, Lewis began his journey into fine jewellery in Hatton Garden when he embarked on a three year apprenticeship. In 2000 Lewis set up and founded his first business, building an incredible client base and mastering his design talents. Within a few years of his career he was asked to join the board of the London Diamond Bourse. The fact that he makes decisions about the future of the diamond industry makes him a very credible person to speak to. Lewis is still based in Hatton Garden, one of the oldest and most renowned jewellery locations in the world, where the streets are lined with diamonds. “There is a sense of magic in the air here and many people desire to buy their engagement ring from a place which oozes history and romance” Lewis says.
Through personal one-to-one appointments Lewis Malka London offers a bespoke experience where customers are able to impress their own individuality onto the outstanding design and incredible craftsmanship that Lewis is known for. Lewis continues to hand craft all orders, taking immense pleasure in the beautiful pieces of jewellery he creates. What’s also unique is the journey the customer goes on with him as Lewis creates a visual story board which shows how the ring is made, assembled and finished. “I’m inspired by my clients’ creativity and individuality and enjoy taking them on a journey with my designs.” Lewis says.
Lewis gets his professional inspiration from Lorraine Schwartz and Niel Lane, world-renowned jewellery designers from America, and Graff Diamonds in London. He rebranded and relaunched his business last year to shift the focus of his craftsmanship on the client taking an individual approach to each piece of jewellery. His latest collection encompasses all designs across the board with an emphasis on classic and timeless designs to stand the test of time. Customers then add their own touches and personalise their ring as they can fall in love with their creation.
“I still very much enjoy sitting in the workshop, at the workbench and creating all these beautiful piece that my clients order. I always have the last say in what leaves the workshop. Not any old ring is worthy of the Lewis Malka stamp” Lewis says.  His rising status and passion for premium jewellery sets his profile and designs apart in the fashion and jewellery industry. With an ever increasing reputation and a high profile client base that expands across the world, we look forward to seeing what’s next for Lewis Malka.

For more information about Lewis, please visit http://www.lewismalka.com/